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Citizens file lawsuit against Pennsylvania election officials

Elections officials in Delaware County, Pennsylvania were caught ripping 2020 election tapes "into pieces" and "placing them into the trash stating they will have a campfire to burn the data," according to a lawsuit filed last month.

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Increased incidence of stillborns among vaxxed moms

Canadian doctor Daniel Nagase, MD, responded to questions about a sudden increase in stillborn babies being reported in Canadian hospitals among pregnant mothers who received the COVID vaccines.

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Law prof: Jan. 6 'bogus charges will unravel under the truth'

As hundreds of Jan. 6 detainees remain in jail without bond, independent media and Republican members of Congress have documented the brutal treatment the detainees are subjected to at the D.C. jail, also known as the "American Gulag."

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Former Sen. Perdue files Fulton County 2020 election lawsuit

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, former Georgia Sen. David Perdue contends that Fulton County “circumvented the majority vote of the people and thereby affected the outcome of the Election on 11/3.”

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Researcher silenced on effectiveness of ivermectin

In a stunning admission, virologist Dr. Andrew Hill acknowledged in a zoom call that publication of his study could lead to the deaths of at least a half million people.

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