A television ad which highlighted the debilitating injuries a 13-year-old girl suffered after taking the Pfizer vaccine was pulled from the air by Comcast.

The girl, Maddie de Garay, had volunteered for the Pfizer trial for 12- to 15-year-olds and received her first dose on Dec. 30 and her second dose on Jan. 20.

Maddie’s symptoms occurred almost immediately after the second dose in the Pfizer trial.

"She still cannot digest food. She has a…tube to get her nutrition," Maddie's mother, Stephanie De Garay, said on the Thursday broadcast of Fox New's "Tucker Carlson Tonight". Maddie "also couldn't walk at one point, then she could…I don't understand why and [physicians] are not looking into why...now she's back in a wheelchair and she can't hold her neck up. Her neck pulls back."

Carlson asked whether any officials from the Biden administration or representatives from Pfizer company have reached out to the family.
degaray by Free Pressers is licensed under N/A

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