The South Korean courts and the government of leftist President Moon Jae-In have stepped up their crackdown on press freedom by imprisoning YouTube commentators who are critical of the regime or entities which support it, a report said.

"Freedom of speech continues to be suppressed," East Asia Research Center's Tara O reported on Sept. 17.

The main media in South Korea, "especially the three so-called conservative newspapers — Chosun Ilbo, Joongang Ilbo, and Dong-a Ilbo — are all compromised," Tara O told WorldTribune. "They played a huge part in Park Geun-Hye's impeachment. So, they don't talk about the truth on that. They also refuse to report on the April 2020 fraudulent elections. The main opposition party (PPP), especially its leaders, strongly condemn those who mention fraudulent elections, while the ruling party, the main beneficiary of the fraud, is silent."

The YouTube report cited the case of Ku Ja-Woong, a YouTuber known as "Pacman" who has his own channel. Ku was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for defamation by the Seoul Northern District Court.
South Korea by Daniel Bernard is licensed under Unsplash

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