Well, it’s out in the open now. An unholy cabal of ruling elites is using the imposed Biden administration to wage open war against the American family and the American worker.

There is a spiritual dimension to this struggle that must be understood if these would-be despots are to be ultimately defeated.

The final goal of those attempting to enact a technocratic “science is settled” tyranny over the citizens of this nation, as most prominently seen at the moment in the coronavirus vaccine mandates, is the overthrowing of God’s Natural Law in order to bring about a new definition of human rights and humanity decreed by a ruling elite.

Utilitarianism – seeing human beings as mere matter rather than creatures formed in the image of God with inherent individual worth – is the evil inner core nestled within the “common good” mantra so often spouted by leading progressive establishment personages today.
Dr. Anthony Fauci by D. Myles Cullen is licensed under Public Domain

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