Giuliani: 'It is going to be very shocking' when country wakes up
There is “considerable movement” in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin towards decertification of the 2020 presidential election results, Rudy Giuliani said on Friday. Read More.
Roger Stone to file $25 million lawsuit against DOJ
Days after being granted a presidential pardon, Roger Stone announced he will file a $25 million lawsuit against the Department of Justice. Read More.
Gingrich says he 'will not accept Joe Biden as president'
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that he does not "have any interest in pretending" that the 2020 presidential election result "is legitimate or honorable." Read More.
Sen. Cruz demands jail time for vote fraud
The Constitution is on the line in Georgia's January runoff elections, Sen. Ted Cruz told voters during a Saturday rally in Savannah. The Texas Republican also stressed that anyone involved in voter fraud should be prosecuted and jailed. Read More.
WH adviser Navarro: Investigation of election needed before Jan. 20
Peter Navarro, a trade adviser to President Donald Trump, released a report on Dec. 17 saying that irregularities in the 2020 election are substantial enough to overturn the results and a full investigation should be launched before Jan. 20. Read More.
Trump slams suppression of news, end of free press
President Donald Trump said on Sunday that his legal team is “getting closer and closer” to success in its challenge of election results in key battleground states. Read More.
Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz plans to challenge Electoral College votes
Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz on Saturday said that he will challenge Electoral College votes when they are counted on Jan. 6 during a Joint Session of Congress. Read More.
Ex-intelligence officials aided Democrat 2020 disinformation
It is now clear that Hunter Biden’s laptop and the numerous allegations about his illicit dealings with foreign governments while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president are in fact genuine. Read More.
'Degrade and collapse' of U.S. society courtesy of Soros
Through his mass funding of the campaigns of local, soft-on-crime prosecutors, billionaire George Soros is succeeding in his goal of transforming the United States, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said. Read More.
Powell threatens RICO case against foreign vote fraud network
Attorney Sidney Powell says evidence she is gathering will prove massive election fraud took place on Nov. 3 and that evidence could turn into a major racketeering case. Read More.
Won't surrender: Rep. Brooks to challenge electoral votes
Saying he will not give in to the GOP "surrender caucus," Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks on Monday vowed to contest Electoral College votes from states whose 2020 results are in dispute. Read More.
President Trump won't concede; McConnell recognizes Biden
President Donald Trump is “still involved in ongoing lawsuits” challenging the election and will not concede after electors cast their votes on Monday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Tuesday after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recognized Joe Biden as president-elect. Read More.
How pro-Trump county in Michigan could change election
The case in which votes in Antrim County, Michigan were flipped from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden on Nov. 3 was the result of a Dominion Voting Systems program and not human error as was claimed by state officials, a lawyer investigating the case said. Read More.
Trump could use executive order to 'impound machines': Powell
“Every machine, every voting machine in the country should be impounded right now," attorney Sidney Powell said on Sunday. Read More.

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