EVIDENCE: Court packing scheme meant to divert pressure from HR1...

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Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America who called it first that Pelosi's is playing her remaining ace up her sleeve, AKA, the Supreme Court-packing scheme, to take the heat off of HR1, the massive voting overall bill. The fellas go through the whole setup by liberals and give their analysis of how this is going to play out. Viewers of today's show are strongly encouraged to remember when voting was fun.

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PACKING THE COURT: Democrats last ditch effort in power grab...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that can see through the Democrat's move to retain power by packing the court. On today’s show, we predict that the move by the Left to pack the court is the only card they have left up their sleeve to retain power – and, once it is played, expect a turn of the tide in the Republican's favor going into the 2022 elections.

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CNN CAUGHT! What's next for CNN after admission of crime.

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that is certain Ted Turner would be rolling in his grave if he were, in fact, dead. Today, CNN is caught admitting to serious Federal and a multitude of state election conspiracy crimes and our only hope is it gets put in jail and forced to watch itself over and over again.

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Round-Robin of the Politically Bizarre. This show will leave you stumped.

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that has amassed a considerable amount of bizarre political tidbits for today that you’ll be left shaking your head. Today is “Alice through the looking glass,” at the strangest and most provocative political moves of the last several months. From Pelosi to Putin and back around to the Pope, you’re about to hear a graduate-level course in stupidity.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tech Giant and Author David Thomas Roberts on “Purge the Potomac!”

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that welcomes draining the swamp we call home so we can find our car keys. Exclusive interview today with Texan tech giant David Thomas Roberts on his strategies for draining the swamp that is Washington, DC.

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George Floyd vs. Fentanyl vs. Derek Chauvin: What you’re not allowed to see.

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that thinks you need to look at all the camera angles to understand what happened. Today, Derek Chauvin trial and how much we have been lied to by the mainstream media about George Floyd’s condition at the time.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Dr. Fauci’s Arch Nemesis Dr. Scott Jensen on Covid-19

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that isn’t letting up on peeling back the layers of Covid to unveil its rotten core. IF EVER you had ANY DOUBT about the claims that the so-called “Covid Crisis” is a hoax – listen to Dr. Scott Jensen, who as the first medical professional, came forward at the beginning of the Covid caper to expose the medical lies and hypocrisy of the whole mess.

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BIDEN ON BIDEN: Then, “No wall” – Biden Now, “Meh, maybe some wall.”

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in NATO that is spilling the beans that Frau Merkle is getting eyes for dominating the world again with a “world-tax.” Oh, oh. First, it’s Joe Biden on Joe Biden and how the savior of America Kamala has made her first move by convincing Sock-Puppet Joe-Joe that maybe a wall ain’t so bad. We reveal what’s behind NATO’s movements to create a “world-tax headquarters” that will be owned and operated by countries we don’t really care about.

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KAMALA IN CRISIS: Only 24% approve of border handling

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that is not surprised only 24% of polled approve of the way the Biden-Harris Administration is handling the southern border crisis. The last time numbers were that low, Jimmy Carter treated us to his famous “Malaise Speech.” Today’s show offers the very best segments of recent shows that tell the true tale of the direction America is politically headed and what it means to you, your family, and your wallet.

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WE HAVE THE PROOF: Leftist wall beginning to crumble...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that is marking today as the official start of the end of the Leftist’s death grip on you. Today’s hard-hitting episode details exactly how the Left’s agenda is unraveling and who the players are who just can’t keep the charade going much longer. We provide names, incidences and outcomes of recent activity on the Hill and the White House that even has Nancy Pelosi boxed in.

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Capitol Attacked Today and Woke Companies Robbing You Blind

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that when we put our hand in your pocket, you’re gonna ask that we put our other hand in the other pocket, too. Today, the Capitol Building is legitimately attacked by a disturbed driver on a mission and that’s got Washington on complete lockdown. We’re monitoring what’s happening behind the scenes and will continue to keep our viewers apprised.

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Biden's DOJ Linked to Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking Set-Up Scheme

Welcome to Washington Expose the only podcast in America that is the first to inform you that there is sufficient and tangible evidence linking Biden’s Department of Justice to a setup scheme to take down Matt Gaetz. We bring the full details of the situation as it’s now known and provide inside perspectives of how the spinmeisters plan to protect the president and the career types at DOJ. Viewers of today’s show are strongly encouraged to keep abreast of this developing story by visiting www.freepressers.com.

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The Biden Zone: Sick and Twisted Methods (with videos) On How the President is Using Migrant Children to Advance His Agenda

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that lays it flat out about how Joe Biden is using migrant children as pawns in his scheme to advance the Democratic Party’s agenda on immigration, Congressional redistricting, and the encroachment into the lives of everyday Americans. You will learn today what we all had feared: exactly who the hands are inside of Joe “The Sock Puppet” and what their next move will be.

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Cold War II with Russia and China: Exclusive Interview with Legendary Ambassador Middendorf

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that is about to tell you that we are sitting smack dab in the middle of a new cold war and this time it’s not looking good for the home team. We present an exclusive interview with the legendary William J. Middendorf, discussing his new book, The Great Nightfall: How We Win The New Cold War.

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Biden DENIES Border Kids Chance to Meet Real-Life U.S. Senators

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that would not have denied the Border Kids a lifetime memory meeting real-life United States Senators. On today’s show, it is Ted Cruz at the border and along with his Senate colleagues who all were shutout by one of Biden’s babes. The fellas go deep into the prognosis of the crisis the Biden-Harris Administration and how future President Harris plans to solve the problem, once she is finished decorating her new digs at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC.

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