As troops swarm our capital, Democrats send clear message: We're in charge now

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Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is unafraid to peek under Nancy Pelosi's curtain to see that the wizard in hiding is Obama's bloated ego.  Wilson, Ward, and Clews go full force into how Democrats are large and in charge and plan to change everything to their own standards, including, "mixed-race white-ness, reeducation camps, protective isolation camps, and higher middle-class taxes to pay for it all. The fellas hit hard on how everyday Americans will begin to see their freedoms erode and what it all means for the 2024 election cycle.  Listeners of today's show are strongly encouraged to sell of that Babe Ruth baseball card your grandfather gave you and buy gold to survive. 

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48 Hours Remaining: Eerie quiet pervades locked-down Nation’s Capitol

Wilson, Ward, and Clews pull apart a number of topics today that all add up to the fine mess we've gotten ourselves in, Olly.  The unfair judgments of one race over another get examined and Bill Wilson raises the very fair point that Asians are usually discounted as a group of people with the largest incomes, most stable jobs, and highest education levels.

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BREAKING: What’s the floor plan? — New ‘suspicious video’ emerges from Capitol siege…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is confident not one single Trump supporter would EVER wear a pu--y hat to a capitol building break-in. Wilson, Ward and Clews detail the latest evidence, a suspicious video, to surface that challenges the current narrative the events on the Capitol grounds were not preplanned and who it was that was doing the planning.

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Conservatives: "What was lost in the fire, will be found in the ashes."

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that truly believes that what was lost as our freedoms burned will be found in the ashes. Bill Wilson and Carter Clews provide a stark but real report on how the Republican party has been outplayed by socialists long-game and what Americans can expect in the near term.

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Inside the White House: Where does America go from here?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that has significant insider perspectives about the direction of Biden's White House and Pelosi's obsession to make white people get over their whiteness.

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Today's "Impeachment 2.0" & Fascist State Exposed

The fascist state is exposed on today's Washington Expose and it's a hard slap in the face as to what we can expect until brave, patriotic Americans are willing to step up and say enough. Wilson, Ward and Clews go deep into "Impeachment 2" and the demise of conservative communications platforms.

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Eyewitness at Capitol: Chinese Americans Defending Trump

Wilson, Ward and Clews interview with Dr. R. Clinton Ohlers, PhD., analyst whose exclusive interviews with many Chinese -Americans on the Capitol Grounds bear witness to the unprecedented support by individuals who have experienced communism and were willing to put their necks on the line for President Trump. 

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First hand account of the Capitol protest

Essential listening for every freedom-loving American who is trying to figure out what happened on Capitol Hill yesterday and who is responsible for it.

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America’s Ultimate and Painful Reality Check

On today's Washington Expose, America gets a real and painful reality check and the wake up call for all patriots starts today.

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Trump's Dominion Ready for Pence Electorial Showdown

Wilson, Ward and Clews put the Dominion voting issue in Georgia to rest, give their odds on the outcomes of the Peach State's elections, forecasts how Pence will get through tomorrow and even take a guess at when Botox Nancy goes back for more treatments in preparation for the inauguration of the 46th POTUS. 

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Trump Skewers Georgia's Raffensperger with Facts

Today, Wilson and Ward discuss the debacle in Georgia and how the liberal media is eviscerating President Trump for trying to beat sense into Georgia's Raffensperger with pure facts. The fellas then turn their attention to what's happening in Congress and what isn't likely to happen.

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BREAKING: Dominion Voting Gets Hacked Live During Hearing

Wilson, Ward, and Clews go deep into how the fate of the free world rests on a man who likey is broke and very likely to never get another job again no matter what decision he makes on January 6th. 

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Rage Against the Democratic Machine

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast that wakes up every morning with Rage Against the Machine on 11.  Wilson, Ward and Clews put it clear today that what must happen is total defiance against what is being thrown down America's throats in the lead-up to January 6th impending doom. 

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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: Trump Legacy is NOT What You Think It Is

The fellas drop some harsh reality this morning with facts of his "big-picture" accomplishment, otherwise impossible to achieve by anyone but Trump.  Today's show breaks down another reality -- the massive shootings in "Defund The Police Atlanta" and in Barack's Chitown (if you notice without an apostrophe this moniker is especially appropriate.) 

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Did Trump just get played and the Restoration of America ... is it possible?

On today's show, the fellas take a post-Christmas serious look at the restoration of America and how it could be possible despite the Washington insiders whose job is to protect the Uniparty from itself. 

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