Washington Exposé: Episode 6

Show Notes

Welcome to Washington Exposé with Bill Wilson, Carter Clews and Larry Ward. Tune in for an unprecedented look behind the curtains of today's politics from our Nation's Capital.  You'll be shocked when you do.  Every American needs to hear what these freedom warriors are saying. 

Detroit. Los Angeles. New York. Your hometown.  Wilson, Ward, and Clews leave no stone unturned when revealing how liberal governors and mayors are seizing the Coronavirus as a means of intrusion into the lives of every day, unsuspecting and law-abiding citizens.  The fellas love to cut through conspiracy theories but slip on some proverbial tinfoil hats to reveal the possible, the probable and the profound from the rumors espoused by today’s corporate media.

Today’s show also gets scholarly with a discussion about famed author Aldous Huxley’s 1932 hit book, “A Brave New World” and it’s foresight and warnings of the life we now are living in America. Caution: it is not advised to eat prior to listening to today’s episode, as we can’t be responsible for how the gut-wrenching truth will render you! 

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Biden hands Putin “Sweet-16” high-value targets in the U.S.

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that is quite sure that the Russians won’t get lost when they attack thanks to Sleepy-Joe. Today, we slam directly into the staggering stupid move Joe Biden made by handing his buddy Vlad a list of 16 of the most valuable targets in America NOT to attack.

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What Jon Stewart's Wuhan lab leak turnabout really means...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that formally welcomes Jon Stewart as a Truther. First, Wilson, Ward, and Clews punch back at how the Biden Administration is officially a runaway train and using the justice system to silence “anti-government sentiment.”

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Biden officially defines anti-government sentiment as...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in ‘Merica that thinks King George III is rolling around laughing in his velvet-lined casket at Windsor Castle. This is a blockbuster show as we deep dive into just how the Biden Administration is officially chasing after anyone who has “anti-government sentiment” under the veil of being a domestic terrorist.

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You know it's bad when Boris Johnson mocks Biden...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that has coined a new name for FLOTUS as “Dr. Shill.” Today, we dig into the happenings at the G-6 Summit and laugh uncontrollably at how the Sock-Puppet-in-Chief gets so lost, Dr. Shill needed to rope him in. It’s onto the latest recounts and investigation into voter fraud and you’ll be shocked to learn how the numbers are really adding up and how the nation is going to react when reality sets in.

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The Stark Contrast Between Trump at the G-7 and Biden

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America unafraid to contrast the disgusting way the media portrayed the leader of the free world to the European community -- that is how they treated Donald Trump and how they are praising Joe Biden. We dig hard into this disparity and provide shocking examples of how the upcoming global VAT tax will screw every hard-working American. Viewers of today's show are strongly encouraged to visit www.freepressers.com for the latest news.

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Is Crime a Political Weapon?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that can’t wait to see just how Putin will pulverize President Biden during their talks. Today, we dig into how crime is being used as a political weapon as we see Democratic Party-controlled city after city turn to organized crime by the likes of BLM, ANTIFA, and wayward liberals to push agendas and beat back opposition to their radical ideas.

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WHAT!?! The Rockefeller Foundation scripted Covid in 2012?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show smart enough to figure out that the Rockefeller Foundation can either see into the future or cause it. We dig into how the Rockefeller Foundation likely provided the script for the CoVid mess we’re currently in – we read verbatim how their plan and the reality match up and you’ll be ready to run.

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Exposing the Rip-&-Read Media Whores …

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast bold enough to eat our own. Today, it’s a hardcore rip into rip-&-read media whores who whose only job is to babble the slop handed down from the top floor of their comfy studios. How do we know? We know and that’s all you need to know.

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Lenin, Hitler and the American Left

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America willing to point out that Lenin, Hitler, and the American Left have one thing in common, YOU.

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Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America unafraid to claim that we’ve crossed over from fraud to outright rigged from the start.

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The Dude’s Shyt List…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast that is brave enough to announce the launch of the Socialists Hiding in Your Town “SHYT” list.

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Reinstate Trump? Can it be done?

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that’s going on a diet so we can fit in our tuxes for President Trump’s reinstatement as President come August. Can it happen? Will it happen? Today, we explore the realities of what is being touted as a defining moment in American politics and something our Founding Fathers didn’t imagine themselves.

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Pastor triggers Loudoun Leftists…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is grateful to a very brave pastor in Loudoun County, Virginia for standing up to crazed leftists whose agenda had taken a step too far. In the county with the wealthiest per-capita income in the nation, Loudoun is poised to be the showdown site for the fight against run-away liberalism. WE focuses on Pastor Gary Hamrick, who took the podium at Loudoun’s School Board meeting and put the smackdown as he puts it, “abusing our children by perpetuating the lie about gender confusion.”

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The wheels are coming off the short bus at 1600 Pennsylvania...

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is first to call Biden’s CIA is rapidly unraveling. Today, we talk about Biden’s CIA and how there is real-life intrigue that’s causing the illegitimate president to lose control of his spooks.

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Orwellian Student 'Bias Reporting' Spreading, Sparking Outrage…

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only show in America that refuses to pay a school to report to authorities what we think. Today, we report on colleges and local schools which are now encouraging students to judge other students’ beliefs and submit “bias reports” to authorities when they’ve found someone who disagrees with their “woke culture.”

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