McConnell Coerced Trump Into Not Pardoning Julian Assange

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Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in a lawless, military occupied land that's soon to become the 51st state of New Columbia. As President Trump departs our Nation's Capitol, we see a rapid devolution of our freedoms with the noon inaugural of Sleepy Joe.  Wilson, Ward, and Clews go for broke today to reveal what Americans can expect early in the Biden Administration by way of the damaging effects of the Paris Accord, revoking the Middle-Class tax breaks and the very real likelihood of a new war, most likely sooner than you think and in Africa, of all places. Listeners of today's show are invited to dig deep with the Washington Expose team as we begin to report to you from our underground hideaway secret broadcasting bunker as America's only voice of clarity and reason. 

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Biden is Dreaming of a White Christmas

Your hosts Bill Wilson, Carter Clews and Larry Ward just rip apart Biden's remarks and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the former Vice President is unfit for the POTUS spot.  The fellas call on all freedom-loving Americans to show up in Washington, DC on January 6 to let the leadership on Capitol Hill know that accepting anything but justice for those who have stolen the election from Donald Trump is in itself a crime. 

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Poking Holes in Pelosi's Pork

On today's show, your hosts Bill Wilson, Carter Clews and Larry Ward pull off the woolen blanket of the latest NDAA debacle to expose the omnipresent pork  -- and -- the dictator-like parliamentarian procedures Nancy Pelosi is employing to get the bill through the House. 

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What to expect the first week of 2021

Your hosts today take a deep dive into the build-up to when Congress jointly meets and how the Electoral College reports the state's votes.  The fellas tear apart the CIA's "newsletter" otherwise known as The Washington Post as they try to convince you that Trump's cards are all played and it's all but the packing and moving out that he has to do next.

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The Fate of the Free World Rests in this Vice President

Today's show rips deep into Pence's options as the fellas discuss the options the Vice President must weigh -- even if he does survive the COVID shot he received this morning.

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Breaking: Real reasons DNI foreign interference report delayed

On today's show, a complete breakdown of why the Director of National Intelligence report on foreign interference in the election is delayed -- and, what the President should do about it. 

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Mitch ditches Trump and pits Senate against itself

Your hosts Bill Wilson, Carter Clews and Larry Ward tear apart the reasoning (or lack thereof) to Leader Mitch's decision to make Senate Republicans pinky-swear not to reject the certified votes when it comes time to do so.

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Critical analysis of what Mike Pence's options are

Hosts Bill Wilson, Carter Clews and Larry Ward dive headfirst into some of the most critical and detailed analyses of what is about to unfold in the Electoral College, the Senate and Nancy Pelosi's fiefdom. Bill Wilson gives a stellar performance making the whole shootin' match between the electorates, POTUS and Congress and gives real hints to just what likely is going to happen.

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How the Constitution was finally put to rest. No joke.

Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is willing to stand up and declare just how dead the Constitution is now that free and fair elections are a thing of the past. The fellas slap reality down on the table with accurate and stinging counts of how the swamp finally ate President Trump but not before he accomplished things like no other Chief Executive has done before.

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A third of the states now protest the election results

"An entire third of your country is now protesting the results of the Presidential election." That's big news and the fellas today breakdown exactly what it means for the republic.

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Pivotal: Gang of 7 states could determine election

There are only seven truly American states left in the union and they all believe Trump should be president again. On this pivotal episode of Washington Expose, you will learn the latest on the gang suit by seven states to render their state's elections null and void due to rapid fraud.

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Pennsylvania, one of the original states of our fantastic union, has decided to deny the freedom of millions of its citizens by permitting voter fraud to run amuck. The fellas give the latest on the options of the Supreme Court.

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Today's show is a serious look at what cards Trump plays next and what the internal temperature is inside The White House's political situation room. The fellas discuss the shenanigans in Georgia and the fraud in Michigan and Pennsylvania that is most certainly catching up with the Democrats. 

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Welcome to Washington Expose, the only podcast in America that is stunned, absolutely stunned, what former Vice President Joe Biden said he would do if ever in disagreement with Kamala Harris, as heard in his interview with CNN's Jake Tapper Show.

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Bill Wilson, Carter Clews and Larry Ward each take turns telling the truth about Barr and how the hierarchy of Washington, DC works only by stepping on the heads of those who've just fallen.

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